• Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Effluent Treatment Plants
  • Effluent Treatment Plants

Liquid effluents are the outflows that result from different human activities.

They are generally divided into two main categories, depending on their origin:

1- Urban (or domestic) effluents and 2- Industrial effluents (derived from such activities).

The development of environmental regulations, new technologies and cultural changes have resulted in the need to change the quality of these effluents before discharging them back into the environment.

The development of new technologies and new treatment processes allow us to reconsider effluents as a source of energy (production of biogas) and of reusable water for different processes. Nowadays, it is possible to obtain optimal water quality from liquid effluents, which can be used by industries or domestic consumption at a lower cost than the one incurred by the exploitation of natural resources, such as the drilling of high salinity layers.

bridge hydrogen® S.A. has an important portfolio of technologies, products and processes for the treatment of effluents, biosolids and by-products derived from the treatment itself. These technologies can be applied in treatment plants developed by our company or in existing plants that require improvements in their processes.

Among the recently developed and cutting-edge technologies included in our portfolio, we can mention: MBR, ultrafiltration, anaerobic MBR, advanced biodigestion of solid waste.

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