We provide a wide range of consumable goods for the water and sanitation industry. We can provide:

  • Slow filters.
  • Multimedia filters.
  • Activated carbon filters.
  • Special filters for Iron, manganese and arsenic removal.
  • Disposable microfiltration cartridges system.
  • Washable bag filtration system.
  • Self-cleaning screen / discs filtration system.
  • Ring filters.
  • Mesh filters.
  • Membranes for water, dairy industry, wine industry and special uses.
  • Cartridges and filter bags.
  • Ionic Exchange resin.
  • Dosing pumps and integrated dosing systems.
  • Automatic control valves.
  • Control instruments for industrial / municipal treatment plants (Flowmeters, EC meters, special measurements, –pH, nitrate, TOC, turbidity, etc.-).

True to our values, we believe that selling a product is just the beginning of the relationship, therefore, we provide our customers with highly specialized staff at their service. We are a reliable and competent company, loyal to our customers, suppliers and to ourselves, and thus, we are committed to achieving more, with the firm conviction that we grow together.