Our Company is certified under international quality, safety, occupational health and environmental norms.


Our philosophy is based on providing the best technical and economical solution to satisfy our clients’ needs, prioritizing the final quality and continuous improvement of our products and services.


BHY is certified under the international quality, occupational safety and health and environmental Standards. As a socially responsible business, we keep an analytical vision on practices aimed at continuous improvement. True to our strong social commitment, we develop, sustain and perform Corporate Social Responsibility activities through our foundation (Fundación Bhy).


Based in the industrial park of the city of Sunchales, in the province of Santa Fe, we express the values of commitment, integrity, respect, trust and leadership in our daily interaction with our customers. These values are reflected in all our business units: Water, Sanitation and Renewable Energy, Electromechanical Works, and Chemicals and Supplies.


Design, manufacture and commercialize products and services of constant evolution that provide quality and profitability, creating a high added value for our human resources, customers, suppliers and shareholders.


Positioning as a leader in the integral solution of the use, reuse and treatment of natural resources, focused primarily on all stages of the water cycle.